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Volunteering in Your Town

Where people live and work together, you will always find volunteering. Across all cultures including first nations, giving time or skills to achieve a shared purpose has added meaning to people’s lives and contributed to community life for thousands of years.

Video: volunteer event launching Clunes Neighbourhood House’s new home, February 2023

One stop shop

In Clunes there are many opportunities to volunteer and get involved. If you know that you’d like to give your time or skill, but aren’t sure where to start, why not visit to find out about different roles available in town? At you can search by organisation or role and the website will connect you directly to the right person at the relevant group.


Volunteering Local was a project funded by the State Government of Victoria, Department of Families, Fairness and Housing and supported further by the Foundation for Regional Rural Renewal. The project involved five pilot organisations who represented a cross-section of what is available in town – the Clunes Football and Netball Club, Clunes Tourist & Development Association, Clunes Museum, Creative Clunes and Clunes Neighbourhood House – but the site is available to any Clunes-based organisation looking for volunteers.

Why not search now and see what you can find?

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