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New Year Resolutions

We’ve all made them. Impulsively as we raise a glass during seasonal celebrations or more reflectively, as we think about what we want from our lives going forward.

A Hopeful Tradition

New Year resolutions are a chance to develop good habits or accomplish a personal goal despite the changes and pressures happening around you – and getting involved in your community through volunteering can be a big part of achieving them.

Why Volunteering Works?

“Volunteering has always been about reciprocity,” said Mark Creyton, an expert of volunteering who has been working with Clunes as part of the Volunteering Local project. "It's about what goals the person giving their time or talents has, and how they need to work; and how that aligns with the opportunities available with a community group, or across the community as a whole.”

That reciprocity is vitally important, not just to keep people on the same page when they volunteer, but because it tops up people’s tanks and helps them feel good about their involvement. It creates a sense of belonging and pride that is hard to find in any other way.

“Now, more than ever,” highlighted Mark when he spoke to Clunes' groups during a recent workshop, “That is what people need – their tribe and a chance to progress toward whatever it is that they aspire too in a way that works for them – whether it’s more social connections, an opportunity to make a difference or a change they want to put in place.”

Makes sense! So, when you think about your New Year’s resolutions this season, why not think about volunteering?

Let us make it easy for you.

In Clunes we've collaborated to bring many of the town's volunteering opportunities (more coming!) together into one place. So why not visit to find out more?

Volunteering Local is a blue-sky project helping Clunes reimagine volunteering. It is funded by the State Government of Victoria and the Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal. The proto-type involves five pilot organisations including the Clunes Tourist & Development Association, Creative Clunes, Clunes Museum, Clunes Football and Netball Club and Clunes Neighbourhood House. The tools developed as part of this project (including are available to all community groups in town. To find out more email or call 5345 4078.

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